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Water Quality Testing Equipment
Manufactured by DelAgua Ltd, the kits were originally designed in collaboration with the University of Surrey, a world leader in environmental monitoring, and OXFAM, a Global leader in Aid and Relief provision. With this level of expertise, the kit focuses on simplicity, durability, ease of portability and user-centric features. Its high quality design and components have made it the kit of choice for many NGO's and other organisations across 130 countries.

The standard kits cater for the 6 basic parameters of water quality as set by the World Health Authority (WHO) and recognised globally. These are:
Free Chlorine
Total Chlorine
Microbial Quality (Specifically Faecal Coliform count)
It is also possible to expand these parameters significantly to cater for the specific needs of a geographical region or local legislation, such as the addition of conductivity or testing for specific ions (Iron, Manganese, Copper etc). As such it is the perfect tool for analysis where laboratory facilities, or even power, are unavailable.
The Kit Range
Currently the DelAgua kits comprise of three units, each having its own benefits, dependent upon the testing requirements. These units all share the same design ethos of user-centric benefits to ensure that comfort, simplicity, accuracy and repeatability are never compromised.

The Basic Single Incubator Kit

Complete with the accessories listed below, the basic single incubator kit comprises of a fully integrated rechargeable lead acetate battery housed with a single, calibration capable incubation chamber set to incubate at 44C, to isolate thermotolerant coliforms. These components are fully sealed in a NATO standard, vented slimline case balanced around the handle. It weighs a very portable 10Kg.
The Dual Incubator Kit

The Dual kit shares the same casing as the basic kit, and comes with all accessories listed below. However, the Dual kit has a separate battery system with equally robust casing plus connecting cables, to make way for a second incubation chamber capable of incubation at either 44C for a doubling of capacity, or at 37C to give a total coliform count within the same testing run as the Faecal count. The weight of the kit is 8.75Kg with the battery an additional 10Kg.
The Lightweight Incubator Kit

As the name suggests, the lightweight kit weighs just 6Kg. It offers all the features of the basic single incubator kit with the exception of not having an integral battery system. As such, the lightweight kit requires a separate power source such as a car battery or even mains electrical supply. This kit is suitable for testing in a laboratory or where vehicle access and availability of car-sourced power is not compromised.
Each kit comes with the following accessories as standard:

Filtration Apparatus
Spare filtration disc and o-rings
Vacuum pump
Sample cup with detachable cable lanyard
3 sets of 16 re-useable aluminium petri-dishes with strap housing
DC power adaptor (110 to 240 volts), includes additional connectors to power the unit from a car battery
Digital timer
Comparator (Chlorine & pH)
Forceps for membrane manipulation
10 x Polypropylene media bottles
Methanol dropper bottle (empty)
Hand lens for colony counting
Lubrication grease for vacuum integrity
Large spirit thermometer (-10C to 50C)
Trimmer tool for calibration
Mini screwdriver for calibration
Turbidity tube to measure 5 to 2000 NTU
Instruction manual in English. (Other appropriate language manuals can be supplied if required)
Instructional CD Rom with sectional methods in video format
Consumables for 200 tests (also available separately)
ο 200 x Membrane filters
ο 200 x Absorbent pads
ο Pad dispenser
ο Culture medium 38.1g tub
ο 250 x DPD No 1 tablets
ο 250 x DPD No 3 tablets
ο 250 x Phenol Red tablets

Unique Features

The DelAgua testing kits are the only commercially available kits that offer the ability test for the 6 parameters of Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Coliform, pH, Temperature and Turbidity within a NATO standard highly durable and rugged single housed waterproof pelican case, measuring parameters according to WHO guidelines.

The DelAgua kits are the only kits offering a one-way venting system from the closed case, ensuring no water ingress. Other available kits use a hole in the case, compromising the water integrity.

The Basic Single Incubator Kit is the only commercially available kit to operate with a fully internalised and sealed rechargeable battery system.

Uniquely thicker re-usable petri dishes ensure that the internal samples and membranes do not come into contact with the internal surface of the dish lid should the dishes become compressed when held, ensuring sample integrity.

Jackson Tube for turbidity measurement uniquely offered in a 2 piece assembly to reduce wear and decrease the potential for leakage of sample, unlike alternative kits which have a three part tube.

The Dual kit allows simultaneous measurement of both faecal (thermotolerant) and total coliforms. This ensures that initial sample conditions are identical and offers reliable comparison and ratio analysis. It also significantly reduces (by a full working day) the time required to test for both parameters with a single kit.
Features and Benefits Table:





Rugged NATO standard waterproof pelican case containing all kit contents

Ensures the integrity of the kit components against moisture ingress, also protecting the incubation chamber and Jackson turbidity tubes to mechanical damage.


Slimline case profile

Ensures ease of portability without the problem of knocking against the users legs. This reduces the need to hold the case away from the body and thus reduces fatigue significantly


Case balanced around the carrying handle

Reduces the fatigue on the hand when carried by ensuring that weight is centralised at the handle, and removes the discomfort of carrying a kit with weight displaced towards one end as is the case with other available units.


Contains sufficient consumables for 200 tests

Is a stand-alone product with no up-front additional requirements or costs


Battery charge sufficient for up to 5 incubation runs

Gives independence from electrical supply for up to 80 samples (160 in the case of the dual incubator unit) allowing for increased remote activity


Comes complete with a ''jump-lead'' style crocodile clip electrical cable

Allows recharging via a car battery, giving potentially unlimited remote sustainability without any reliance on mains conducted electrical supply


Simple to follow instructions

Allows even non-technical personnel to gain good results from the kit, increasing its access to a community as required



8 stage reviewable training video programme with audio allows understanding and review of all aspects of the kit


Multilingual manual options

Increases the access of the kit to a broader base of users without a grasp of English


Fold away lid flaps covering Jackson Tube housing

Both protects the Jackson tube from accidental mechanical damage from any flying debris whilst the kit is open AND provides a clean and stable platform on which to place the sterile elements of the kit prior to use, without contamination from the surrounding environment.


Metal petri-dish sample chambers

Re-usable and sterilisable, decreasing the amount of produced waste and environmental impact. Also decreases the cost of continued use via the reduction of consumable requirements


Internal Fixed Battery

Reduces chance of damage or loss of battery and allows true on site testing without need to link to a separate unit (single chamber kit only)


2 part Jackson (turbidity) tube

Reduces wear on the tube that can become apparent in multiple piece tubes, ensuring accuracy of read


Large spirit thermometer

Enables easy and ''at a glance'' measurement of accurate temperature without strain (that can occur especially in bright conditions) and unrecognised fluctuation between points.


Dual Kit offers simultaneous measurement of total and thermotolerant coliforms

Ensures that starting conditions of both tests are identical for more reliable results, and reduces testing time for both parameters by a full working day using a single kit.


Rubber Bulb vacuum system

Reduces the chance of breakage in the field that is common with plastic trigger vacuum systems, thus making it more reliable and reducing the chance of a non-working kit in the field